Everything in life is vibration. All the conditions in your life set frequencies and patterns that you’ve created through habit. What I do is help you get unstuck from the things that are holding you back. I help motivate and propel you toward changes you’d like to make.” - Simone

What Is Drum Healing

Drum healing is an ancient approach that uses therapeutic rhythms to promote health and well-being. All the conditions in life set frequencies and patterns that are created through habit and can even be passed down through our families. The use of specific drumming rhythms and tones help disrupt the old patterns and create new ones that lead to positive change, physical healing, release of emotional trauma, and deeper self-awareness. These rhythmic drumming patterns are designed to positively influence the energy and vibration that surrounds and resides in each of us. 

The Benefits Of Drum Healing

Drumming has been used for thousands of years by indigenous cultures around the world to treat various conditions. The resonance of the drum forms new harmonic alignments, opens the body's energy meridians and chakras, releases blocked emotional patterns, promotes healing, and helps reconnect us to our core. It enhances our sense of empowerment and stimulates our creative expression. 

Drum and sound healing promotes greater confidence and energy, focus and concentration, reduction of fear, stress and anxiety, a feeling of calm, and an overall healing of mind, body and spirit.  

What to Expect During a Drum Healing Session

Simone offers drum and sound healing through one-on-one sessions and group events (drum circles, yoga classes). 

Simone combines her love of performance and the art of healing to create a safe and welcoming environment for your drum healing session. Using both drums and sound, Simone can help you shift and change blocked patterns and become open to new patterns, rhythms and vibrations.

Simone's drum healing sessions are based on the five elements of rhythm -- earth, mineral, nature, water, and fire. Her approach is based on the teachings of Toby Christensen, a well-known drum healer. Toby developed this method through years of study with tribal leaders and elders from the Dagara tribe in West Africa, where he has translated tribal wisdom and traditions into Western language. ​Simone uses the rhythms and the resonance of drums, piano, voice, flute, bells and other tones as a way to disrupt unwanted patterns and create new patterns that lead to positive change and restoration of the vibrational integrity of the body, mind, and spirit.  

​Each healing session with Simone is catered to address your specific needs. She has worked with clients to help manage both physical and emotional pain, depression, anxiety and grief. Clients often say that by the end of their session they are relaxed, energized and at peace.


Schedule a One-On-One Session

Schedule a One-On-One Session

Schedule Drum Healing for Your Yoga Class

Schedule Drum Healing for Your Yoga Class

One-on-One Drum Healing 

1 Hour in-person healing session using drums and sound. 


This in-person drum healing session starts with a conversation with Simone about patterns and habits in your life that you would like to change. You also will discuss positive and supportive aspects of your life that you would like to enhance. Following this conversation, Simone uses drums and other instruments to create healing sounds that support your desired outcome. For new clients, once you have booked your session, Simone will call you prior to your first session to make introductions, discuss specific needs, and answer any questions. If you are a returning client, feel free to call or email Simone if needed.

Drum Healing For Yoga

1 Hour in-person drum healing experience for your yoga class. 


Share Simone's drum healing with your yoga class. Simone will work with you, the yoga instructor or studio owner, to develop a rhythmic soundscape as part of your yoga instruction. She will bring her drums and percussion and perform live in your studio during your yoga class. Drum and sound healing are a perfect compliment for all forms of yoga, especially restorative.