This breeze transports me to a time of youth

Where innocence once played with simple words

Conversations danced in form quite uncouth

Alike a field of disrupted blackbirds

Thoughts floated like feathers, drifting around

Gently whisked by the wind until settling

Into comfort’s cradle resting so sound

Scarce awakened by anyone meddling

How nature does easily awaken

Young voices alive still in memory

With my mind playing tricks I am taken

So willingly lost in such reverie

    I open my eyes but only to find

    That breezes transport but never rewind



Is there a place, a place that might lose us

Amidst deserted fields and walls of stone

Sway grains of gold wheat where seeds had been thrown

Onto ground before barren with dust

Never to question, forever to trust

That storms can be weathered, love will be grown

And this, this peace and solitude no one

Dare trod upon, whilst heart and mind adjust

What presence haunts here with sweetness of smell

As purely white blossoms color the sky

Damp grass beds the bodies eager to tell

Secrets of lust possessing the mind

    Where breezes ring echo a distant bell

    Would there be such a place ever to find



A January rain brushes the sky gray

Gradually wiping away Winter’s white

Bare limbs dance an adagio ballet

Ever so sturdy, yet ever so slight

If raindrops were words, what stories be told

A downpour deluge quarrel between lovers

Or soft, dripping flattery to cajole

A shy tulip from under the covers

Mild, damp air like trickery on senses

Teases the skin with playful demeanor

The taste of Spring, the measure of chances

To welcome her back sooner than later

    Gray and white become blue and green become

    Gray and white and so, so on and so on



I run the woods with lasting breath

Allowing song escape my lips

I guess the path with senses guide

For leaves fall blanket the countryside

With every stride I taste the air

Devouring beauty far and near

This heavenly clear blue canopy

Be roof enough today for me



Dancing on air, floating through the night

They fall one by one

Gathering upon the frozen ground

They sit side by side

Covering, disguising the faded brilliance of Fall

Green sleeping peacefully tonight

Beneath their soft, white blanket



Your absence inspires my pen on this day

To write of flowers in wild colored bloom

Be not the month of December, but May

When the soft air sprays the sweetest perfume

Young buds on bare limbs appear tender green

Against a wall of periwinkle sky

And the view from every window serene

For my eyes have begun to stellify

Two silhouettes unfold and slowly melt

Until becoming one in love’s outline

Every move in sync, each gesture heartfelt

They tangle and cling like an ivy vine

    When fires burn with passion inside the soul

    Then behold not a day too dull or cold



My eyes drift through the window to outside

Quite vulnerable the canvas so bare

Empty limbs like arms when love is denied

Silently weeping, alone standing there

With nothing for cover, solely exposed

Its beauty relies not upon fashion

Its strength from within lays claim without boast

So I employ my utmost attention

A few feet away a lush evergreen

Lordly modeling the finest of fir

If one appears common, the other Queen

Maybe semblance bears not truth to the word

    I raise my glass in honor, not duty

    To internal portrayal of beauty



Lying on the grass, looking at the sky

I imagine soaring above the trees

With arms like the wings of a butterfly

I glide and then gently rest where I please

But inching through the thicket of green blades

A meek caterpillar lumbers along

Diligent in labor he slowly fades

Into the vast terrain with bonny song

Does each envy silently the other?

The view from above must surpass all views

Although the grounding Earth depicts Mother

And so rests the balance in long pursue 

    To look upon life from only one place

     Is to limit one’s self only one face



The chill of this October morn awakens me

With a clearness like the sky.

Its obstacles of buildings and planes and trees

All erased for the moment.

As I shuffle across the room, the wood beneath each step 

Creaks to pattern a brief distraction.

What beautiful dreams transpired 

To urge such a mood, I wonder.

Life and all its blessings fill my veins.

The drought-hardened earth made supple again

By inspiration’s swift current.

I revel in the modulation,

Singing each thought symphonically.

Like the river I admired as a child,

Unpredictable in nature, desiring acceptance

For a certain inability to control its existence.

I appear a kaleidoscopic face of emotion,

Immodest of my inconsistency and inevitable vulnerability.



In a dream I am running

Through a scene of broken glass

My feet are bare and feel no pain

My chest is filled with endless breath

An orange-yellow sun has melted into a purple-blue sky

But all colors become a blur of blinding brightness

There are no trees, no roads, no end

To the distance






My mind spins with scenarios

Of dreams and reality.


Finding a place to rest

In neither



What more is time to us than foe or friend

Be it pondered this way too simply thought

And by whose hand judge the minutes we spend

If given only a destined amount

Those who sit still appear wasteful to some

Like a glittering glass lake found frozen

Tho’ crystal reflection is seen by none

Unwilling to hold dear such a moment

To use it then most freely for laughter

Seems to somehow accelerate its pace

While dead stopped to an unhappy tasker

It taunts reluctant to finish the race

    It is what lies between Winter and Spring

    It is nothing and it is everything



When love is tender green and blooming wild 

It grows without doubtful hesitation

Playful like an uninhibited child

Young and vulnerable with intention

But angry winds rear up and rain beats down

Testing resilience with each threatening storm

So with great care and adaptation be found

The truest sense of love’s natural form

And the years collect one day at a time

Like assorted coins in a wishing well

Sure to find dull ones among those that shine

Which was luckiest, nobody can tell

    In days forthcoming and those stored away 

    Grateful for all, counting only today  



The summer sky fades in subtle stages

A bold mood falls calm in soft candlelight

Voices replaced with soft turning pages

Like whispers between lovers in the night

Just as years transpire in days to the mind

So lives the kiss that swells from lips to chest

Saturating every fiber, affined

To boundless skies donning colorful dress

Gazing this great vastness, lost in the black

My thirsty senses drink from the darkness

Sparks of starlight, an aphrodisiac

Inspiring, determined and quite tireless.

    Within deep silence dwells resounding noise

    To wake the spirit with dramatic poise



The pillow that once cradled your sweet face

Lays untouched now like a field of fresh snow

Its pure white silence glows in moonlight’s grace

Still, cold, dark shadows reveal tonight’s foe

And when beams of morning pierce the blanket

Awaken then to find love’s warm presence?

The scent, the touch, the voice of a portrait

Pressed between pages of deafening silence

To prune the limbs of thought does surely choke

The blossom of a soul that craves fire

For grow not the seed beneath sprawling oak

Whose roots run deep and branches reach higher

    That life play through with fall and majesty

    Prove heartbreak and hope amidst sure destiny



Today I find no familiar features on my face

Lines like drought-stricken earth lay long and deep 

In burning silence

Not even tears penetrate the callous surface

Shadows surround murky eyes 

Where sadness swims amidst turbulence

My thoughts this morn speak 

A language foreign to every sense

I strive to justify my dreary disposition 

Through blame of December’s gray

If blue sky and warm breeze prevailed 

Would my head’s fog then lift as well

I must surrender all excuses for this pain

It depends not upon the weather

For I remember days of laughter during the coldest rain

I dig like an archeologist

But time has been long between discoveries

Relics lay buried beneath years of neglect

Thinking eventually each piece will be found

Thinking eventually the story will be told

But today I find no familiar features on my face

So I’m forced to dig deeper



Alone in flickering darkness we writhe,

The devastating storm draws near.

You lift your eyes in casual disguise,

As I proceed to regret being here.

Inflicting the truth we dread realize,

Pessimistic at best of our fate,

We endure inside the wretched cries,

Accepting love’s bitter defeat.

We volley and spar and cast baited words

Into this black chamber of morning.

We hook and pull and rip leaving shards

Of flesh before finally disarming.